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Residential Landscapes

Home landscaping is one of the most decorative features of your home. The Landscape can help add an immense amount of value to your residential home, whilst it also provides a stunning and visual pleasing area which consists of flowers, plants, trees, pavers, retaining walls and lighting. Landscape may not come with the home you purchase or begin to build yourself. It is a gracious part of planning the ideal home. It is also an important area to plan and get advice from a landscaping company.

Residential Landscape

There are many basic design principles of home landscape. You can choose an architect to help you design the perfect landscape design or you and your family can decide to do so together.

Steps to Developing the Ideal Landscape Design

There are many beneficial reasons why you should plan and develop landscape design. Using an organized approach to landscape design will have the job done with efficiency and it will be a timeless effort. A basic landscape design should be planned into 5 different categories which include:

  1. Types of Plants, Flowers, Trees and Shrubs which are most suitable for the surrounding areas of your home.
  2. Placement of these plants.
  3. Activity areas throughout this landscape design.
  4. Families Wants, desires and needs. For example; pool areas, games areas, patios and walkways.
  5. A site analysis should also be conducted as part of the planning of landscape design to discover the underlying grounds of your landscape site.
Landscape Designs

Types of Flowers, Plants, Trees etc

Landscape Plan The first step to landscape design is choosing the right native flowers, plants and trees for this area. You or a landscape gardener need to consider which will be the best types for your suburbs and climatic issues. You may live in a state where it is very cold during winter and summer so you will need to purchase plants which will suit this climate. Alternatively you may be suited in an area where its warm all year round so your plants may require excessive watering you then may need to consider installing and irrigation systems into your landscape design to help your plants and flowers looking at their best.

Placement of Plants, Flowers, Trees etc

The placement of flowers, trees and plants throughout your landscape design is a very important consideration which should be carefully planned and researched to ensure their efficiency throughout the landscape design. Your landscape design may be a very shaded area so you will need to place plants which like these areas and last a lifetime. For assistance why not hire a landscape designer.

Sunny areas throughout landscapes are areas where fairies dance and insects loathe so you will need to purchase plants which are attracted to the sun.

Plant Placement

Not only choosing the right placement is important for the plan but it is also important for the plant or flowers to fulfil the landscape design and its features. Colorful flowers can add beauty and act as focal points throughout landscape design. You should also consider that larger trees can show off the architectural features of you residential home.

Activity Areas

Activity Areas

Activity areas are generally included in all landscape designs. They are an important value because they provide an area throughout your landscape for your children and yourselves to enjoy peacefully. Activity areas when incorporated into landscape design can be very beneficial to the overall appearance of the landscape area.

Small swings, and activity toys can be part of the landscape design and you can choose to incorporate a theme throughout the landscape design for this activity area. Simply explain to your landscaping contractor you design ideas.

Wants and Needs

As a family you should all sit down together and discuss what you would like to achieve from the landscape design, whether it’s a pool area, garden path, walkway, games area, patio or artistic area. All of the mentioned areas can be a massive part of your landscape design. Carefully plan ahead as you may not have the square meters you may require to build these lavish wants and needs. Consult the advice of a professional landscape contractoror a landscaping services company.

Site Analysis

A geo tech is a land investigator who can be hired to test the stability of the under lying grounds where you landscape design is being designed for. You should always check with your local council before you start your landscape design because there may be underlying gas tanks, electrical cables, water pipes and mains. Hiring a site analysis before you start your landscape design is crucial to the landscape design values. Soil examination should also be conducted to test the efficiency of the soil as it will need to be replaced or it may not suit the requirements of your chosen plants, flowers and trees. For advice seek the help of a landscape company.

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