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Welcome to Our Landscape Design Section!

Introduction to Landscape Design

You can add beauty and street appeal by designing and planning a makeover for your residential or commercial properties. Landscape Design is a matter of incorporating the softscapes of your location, which includes: plants, shrubs, flowers and trees, along with the hardscape elements of your site, such as: paved patios, driveways and courtyards.

When planning your Landscape Design you should consider some basic elements or principles of Design. There are four basic design elements to consider when planning to reinvent or to establish a new landscape site. The elements that must be taken into consideration for both softscapes (plants, shrubs, flowers) and hardscapes (paved patios and driveways) contained in your property are: Color, Form, Line and Texture.

Landscape Design


Design Software When we talk about color and color schemes for Landscape Design, we are referring to colors that blend or compliment each other. There are three basic color schemes. Monochromatic: consists of different shades and tints of one color. Analogous: includes colors that are side-by-side on a color chart, for example: green, blue-green and blue. Complementary: color schemes which include colors on either side of a color chart, such as: red and green.

When creating and using colors and color schemes for your Landscape Design, it is important to factor in the colors of your house bricks, patio pavers, driveway pavers, plants and flowers. Blending colors and color schemes is great, but you could also go for color contrasts, which is sure to create a dramatic design impact!


When we talk about Form in terms of Landscape Design, we are referring to the size of the site, and the relative size of objects that are located within that site. This includes the size and shape of plants, trees, garden plots and also paved patios, driveways, walkways and courtyards. You must consider the growth and form of all plants and trees that are to be planted, keep in mind when planning your landscape design how big such plants will grow and whether they will still fit into the same design idea.


The Line element of Landscape Design involves the way in which the eye moves over the site and the even flow of visual aspect. The use of Line in your Landscape Design comes into place when you decide on using straight lines or curved lines in your floor plan structure. Straight lines create a very dramatic, modern feel, while curved lines evoke a sense of calmness with smooth flowing lines that don’t have harsh edges!


Texture The Texture simply refers to the various textural components of your landscape. This includes the softscapes, which are the plants, trees, flowers, ferns and shrubs, while other elements such as your paved patios and entertaining areas, concrete driveways and walkways, are the hardscapes of your landscape design. The combination of these two textures in your design is very important for a modern landscape setting!

Landscape Ideas

Following these design rules can seem simple on paper but when it comes to incorporating these elements into the one design, things can get confusing. What you need to do is start off with gathering some Landscape Ideas, things that you may have seen in magazines or on television, particular elements that appeal to you and that you would like to include in your landscape. Finding Landscape Ideas can be as simple as taking a walk through your neighborhood or driving through an area with many newly built homes, with newly designed landscapes.

Landscape Software

There are many ways to get help when designing your landscape, you can hire a landscape architect, landscape designer or you could also use the latest landscape design software. There are wide ranges of Landscape Software available on the market today that are made to assist you in realizing your dream landscape.
Software Screen Shot

The software enables you to visualize all the different elements of your intended design before any work is actually carried out. This could save you a lot of time and money!

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