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Fences - Fence Materials

About Fence Materials

Residential Fencing

Residential fencing is normally implemented because of safety and privacy issues. But in today’s day and age homeowners love the look of fences especially white picket fences which we are all familiar with. Fencing seems to offer a cute feel to the front of your home. Gates and fences can be designed stylishly to add character and beauty to the home.

Backyard fencing is an important type of residential fencing because homeowners like to have their own privacy to do things in their yards which their neighbors don’t have full view of like sun baking or having a quite and peaceful meal. Fences can be built to all sorts of heights and widths the style you choose will depend on your needs and wants. There are many fence materials which homeowners are able to choose from and incorporate into their landscaping settings like the bamboo fence.

Types of Fence Materials

The most popular constructed fence is generally built out of wooden fence materials. But there are other alternatives which will look great and still be affective. All fence materials are durable and treated to prevent damages, insect infestation and weather conditions.


Wood Fencing Whether the fence is made out of treated pine, cypress, or treated cedar the looks of the wooden types of fence materials are stylish elegant and most importantly they are natural products which are produced by mother nature. Only products produced by Mother Nature will provide sturdiness and durability. Wooden fence materials can be purchased in pressured treated forms or simple treated forms. They come in a wide variety of sizes, styles and shapes to suit your design requirements.

Wood fence materials such as Cedar, are built to last and they will also withstand and harsh weather conditions over many years. If wood fence materials are maintained properly then they will serve several years of serviceability.

Chain Link

Residential chain link fence materials are made of tough vinyl galvanized steel. They provide the perfect boundary for large properties which are not in suburban areas. They offer a high amount of security and they are available in standard heights of 4 feet and go up to approximately 6 feet. They are maintenance free and they will not be affected by sever weather conditions because they are highly durable. They are extremely versatile and they can be temporary fencing or long lasting fencing.
Wire Fencing


Aluminum Fencing Aluminum fence materials have been introduced in the last couple of years because of their cost effectiveness and economical values. Aluminum is the ideal fence material because they are maintenance free and they provide years of security to residential properties. Aluminum fences are available in many elegant designs and colors for you to pick and choose from and implement into your properties outdoor area.

Aluminum fences are required to be installed into a concrete bed to ensure the long lasting attributes they offer. The aluminum fence material you choose can be poly-coated to ensure further protection from rusting.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron made fences is generally constructed for ornamental values. Your neighbors will envy the classical look in which wrought iron offers. Wrought iron fences come in a selective range of fashionable colors and sizes to cater for your design requirements. This type of fence and gate material can be used around the pool because they can withstand the affects of your pool and the suns harmful UV rays.
Wrought Iron Fencing

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