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Fences - Fence Gates

About Fence Gates

Introduction to Fence Gates

Fences are generally seen on residential properties to provide enhancing characteristics, privacy and safety issues; no residential fence is complete without a fence gate. Fence gates offer homeowners and their guests a place to enter the property. Fence gates can also close off an open space in your front yard like your driveway to protect your car.

Fence Gate

Fence gates can be locked and opened easily and they will not affect the fence itself. There are various types of products in which fence gates are made from. Homeowners can choose a material to suit their fence material or they can be daring and choose a different material.

Fence Gate Considerations

Gate When you are considering building a fence and having a fence gate installed then you must think carefully and consider all your fence gate option. The most important fence gate consideration which homeowners struggle to contemplate is the height of the fence gate. Normally most fence gates are in line and equal with the fence itself. But this is not the case. Provide yourself and your family with a little more privacy by designing your fence gate to be taller than the fence. You will be providing your home with more safety and help keeping out minor and unwanted pests.

You will also need to consider what type of gate material you wish to use as your fence gate such as wrought iron, aluminum and chain link. Most fence gates are generally the same material and design or the fence to blend in and create a flowing feel. But you can stray away from this common design and choose a different material to implement as your fence gate.

Fence Gate Materials

There are many materials which fence gates are made of, one of the moct common being, wooden. Some materials are better than others because they are more suited to outdoor applications. All fencing and fence gate materials are built tough, durable, sturdy and they are all highly versatile. Here is a list of the common types of fence gate materials:

  • Wood
  • Timber
  • Pine
  • Aluminum
  • Vinyl
  • Metal
  • Steel
  • Wrought Iron
Cantebury (double swing gate, arch top with top pickets)

Each type of fence material is available in ready to order shapes and sizes and they offer a delightful range of colors and designs which will blend in around your property nicely. Vinyl is a material that is becoming very popular nowadays.

Fence Gate Kits

Fence gates can be purchased in a kit form, which makes it simple and easy for homeowners to install it themselves whether the fence is getting built or already built. Fence kits are the perfect choice for the first time do-it-yourselves that are having a go. The kits contain all the necessary components which are vital for the construction of the gate; all fence gate kits include:

  • Extension Tubes
  • Both Side Frames of the Gate
  • Complete Latch Kit
  • Stop Plate
  • Lag Bolts
  • Hinge System
  • The Gate Itself
  • Pinning Screws

The entire above mentioned gate components are all important features and they are required for a successful construction of your fence gate. It is much cheaper to purchase a fence gate kit rather than individual components you will save yourself a fortune and have a fashionable looking fence gate.

Security Protection

Security Gate Fence gates are the ultimate in property protection. Whether the fence gate is large or small they have a predominant purpose which they will serve for years to come. Fences and fence gates provide a sense of security and thoughts of knowing you are safe but you can easily exit and enter your home simply without any fuss.

To further protect your property you can consider having an automatic fence gate which is run by a control panel and opens freely and automatically when you need it to. Automatic gates are great for those who work long hours and don’t feel like getting out of the car at midnight to open their gate. Automatic systems are inexpensive and installed simply.

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