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Welcome to Our Hardscape Section!

An Introduction to Hardscapes

Welcome to our Hardscape section, where we will discuss the many facets of Hardscaping including the latest trends and a wide range of ideas. When we talk about Hardscapes we are referring to any hard surfaced feature of any commercial or residential outdoor area.

For example a patio would be considered a hardscape, as would a driveway, courtyard, fireplace, statue, sculpture, pond, waterfall, fountain, walkways and retaining walls.

Pool Surrounds

Unlike plant, tree and shrub installations, which are known as softscapes, hardscapes can incur higher costs. But this is all worth it when you see the end product of your newly installed feature. They will not only add beauty and enhance the look of your property, but hardscapes can also increase the value of your property. So it is money worth spending!

Paved Driveway It is always a good idea to consult the help of a landscape architect or designer when planning to add a hardscape feature to your landscape, they will provide you with many more ideas and give you the necessary tips on what you can and can’t do or what will best suit your particular site. The next important step is to hire the right contractor to complete the job for you.

It is also recommended that you see completed works and references and get your quote of all work and materials included on paper, before hiring anyone. Also, check if the contractor is insured by seeing the necessary paper work. You don’t want this project to turn in to a nightmare, so do your homework!

An important tip: the cheapest quote is not always the best quote! You want to make sure that the job will be done right the first time, for re-doing or finishing off projects can be expensive. Hardscapes cost enough as it is; you don’t want to have problems later on, so spend a little more if it means getting a professional finish!


One of the most popular hardscape projects carried out today would have to be Paving. Whether we are talking about old or new homes, you will notice increasing amounts of landscapes that feature a paved driveway, walkway, pathway, patio, courtyard and pool surrounds.

The reason for this is that paving is aesthetically so pleasing with the huge range of stunning pavers available on the market from concrete to brick to natural stone pavers. Using pavers is also a lot more durable than concrete slabs, for they wont crack, making them long-lasting and practically maintenance free!


Retaining Walls

Retaining Wall

With land sizes decreasing due to growing populations, people want to utilize every square inch of their land that they possibly can, and this is why Retaining Walls are so widely used. By installing a retaining wall homeowners have the ability to turn once unused sloping land into a stunning garden bed.

Retaining walls do require extra consideration and it is wise to consult the help of a trained professional to plan out every step of the installation. Again, spend a little more money getting the job done perfect the first time, so that it will last a lifetime!


When we talk about the construction of retaining walls and paving, this refers to the art of Masonry and the many materials that are considered to be masonry. The art of masonry usually involves blocks being put together with mortar to form some kind of structure. This includes pavers, whether they are brick pavers, concrete or natural stone, as well as the concrete blocks which are used to make retaining walls. Using good quality masonry materials and products will benefit your hardscapes in the long term by providing durability and stability. Good quality masonry will also produce very aesthetically pleasing hardscape constructions!

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