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Landscape Irrigation - Sprinkler Systems

About Sprinkler Systems

The Importance of Landscape Irrigation

Residential landscape feature many natural wonders which include; trees, flowers, plants, water features, hardscapes and garden accessories. To keep your landscaping gardens looking gorgeous daily watering is required. Sometimes is can be a hassle because we don’t find the time to do so. But by implementing a landscape irrigation system you will save the hassles of doing it yourself. Landscape irrigation systems can be set to timers to ensure that your gardens get the daily dose of water they need. There are various different types of landscape irrigation that are suited to all landscape areas.
Sprinkler System

Sprinkler systems are the most commonly used landscape irrigation. They are efficient and available in many sizes and flowing rates to suit your landscape requirements. Sprinkler systems can be as simple as attaching them to your garden hose and placing them in the middle of your yard to ensure that all areas of your landscaping receive a required amount of water. There are larger systems which require irrigation installation; this type of sprinkler system is designed for larger landscaped areas.

How A Sprinkler System Works?

Installed System

Most sprinkler systems are part of landscape irrigation which consists of plumbing parts, piping and control equipment. The piping is connected to your homes water plumbing system. The control system opens the internal valves to operate the sprinkler system when it is scheduled to operate.

Majority of sprinkler systems are automatically operated by pumps and they all compensate for evaporation, rain fall and run offs. They require little maintenance and are built out of sturdy and durable materials which will not be affected by the sun, rain or hail.

Types of Sprinkler Systems

Your landscaping may only require a small amount of watering or it may need a lot. Sprinkler systems cater for all type of landscaping whether their small or large areas.

Sprinkler systems are divided into 2 types of methods which are; spray heads and rotors.

Sprinkler Systems

Spray Heads

Spray Heads Spray heads are fixed sprinkler systems which work very similar to a shower head. There are interchangeable nozzles which can be fixed to this sort of system. The fixed nozzle will determine the pattern in which the water will flow. Watering patterns on spray heads are generally thrown in half circle, full circle, straight and angled positions. Spray heads on sprinkler systems are general spaced 15 feet apart. But homeowners can customized their own spray heads to suit the design requirements of their landscaping. 20 to 30 PSI of water pressure is required to operate the spray heads to their full capacity.


Rotor sprinklers are known to throw water back and forth over landscaped areas and lawns. They throw off bursts of water but are only intended to be used for a short period of time due to the amount of water they throw. 10 to 15 minutes is generally enough to water all areas of your landscape by using a rotor.


Small rotors are suited for residential landscape and larger rotors are used in parks and playing fields. The rotor heads are generally spaced between 30 to 35 feet apart and the water pressure is thrown at 35 PSI. Rotors are a great lawn sprinkler system option for larger residential home sites with alot of lawn area.

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