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Landscape Irrigation

Welcome to Our Landscape Irrigation Section!

Introduction to Landscape Irrigation

All residential properties have some form of landscaping, such as: gardens, trees, shrubs and lawns, as well as patios, driveways, walkways and courtyards. These add beauty and enhancement to the external appearance of your homes and properties. Water is an essential source for growth and nourishment to all plant types, flowers and tree types to ensure and maintain continued growth especially during the warmer months of the year.

Residential Landscape

Over watering your gardens and other greenery locations can cause harm and deterioration to the plant roots and soil retention. That is why it very important to incorporate an irrigation system into your residential or commercial landscape. An irrigation system is the best solution for homeowners to implement as part of their watering system. There will be no water wastage, all your plants and greenery will thrive and bloom because the correct amount of water flow is distributed evenly.

Types of Landscape Irrigation Systems

Irrigation Systems

There are various types of landscape irrigation systems available for residential and commercial watering purposes that are beneficial, economical, water savers and best of all can reduce your water bill.

Landscape Irrigation systems are also highly used for other applications such as: Sporting Fields, Golf Courses, Farms, Recreational Parks and Agricultural Farming.

The main types of irrigation systems that can be used on residential properties for all your watering needs for landscaped gardens, flowers, trees and lawn areas are as follows:

  • Sprinkler System
  • Underground Hose Irrigation System
  • Centralized Irrigation Control System
  • Drip Irrigation System
  • Rotary Systems
Irrigation System

Water Drainage

The benefits of an irrigation system on applications that are large in area size, is the time factor as well as the uniformed water distribution. For such locations as a Public Park, an automatic irrigation system; for example, a sprinkler system or an underground irrigation system is the most efficient watering system to provide necessary water flow.

Water drainage is another great benefit of an irrigation system. This consists of implementing several pipes beneath the surface of your landscaped areas. The pipes will aid the removal of excess water by transferring it to storm water runoffs. Properly installed landscape water drainage will also help remove water from slopes above or below your residential property.

Water Drainage System If there is not a water drainage system in place, homeowners are at risk of damaging their home structure and landscapes. Landscape water drainage systems are perfect for the removal of water in areas of your landscape which are low and prone to flooding. By installing water drainage systems, land that was once not useable, can now be included as part of your property. There are various types of landscape water drainage kits available, which can be installed to newly built properties or existing properties.

Water Treatment

Homeowners should also be concerned about the quality of water that is flowing through their gardens and lawns, for this reason it is a good idea to put in place a Water Treatment system. Contaminated water may be the cause of plants and trees dying or simply not growing or looking the best that they can be. The water which is being caught in your water tanks may be polluted with chemicals that have been picked up with the storm water runoff. There are many types of water treatment systems available on the market today, the most popular being water filters. When installing your irrigation system, be sure to ask a professional about water treatment solutions!

Sprinkler Systems

The benefits of a Sprinkler System for residential applications is that watering your gardens and lawns have never been so much easier and quicker. Other benefits are less water is being consumed and your water bills will be dramatically reduced . The main function of a sprinkler system is to distribute water evenly with the same amount of water flow.
Sprinkler System

Sprinkler systems are available in a pop up sprinkler system which are connected to an underground plastic tubing which are permanently placed in a garden bed or any chosen location that requires watering.

The other popular sprinkler system is a rotating freestanding unit. This particular sprinkler system is connected to a garden hose. There is an adjustable spray nozzle and rotation feature to allow the water flowing in a full circular or semi circular motion as required.

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