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Lawn & Garden - Plant Care

About Plant Care

The Importance of Plant Care in Landscaping

The most important part of keeping your residential landscaping well maintained and looking great is taking care of your plants. All types of plant have distinguished characteristics to both your landscape and the natural environment such as jade plants and poinsettia plants.

Plants not only look fabulous but they help keep your landscape looking green and the surrounding air which circulates in your landscaping will be always fresh.

Plant care is also vital for the plants. Well cared for plants will grow healthily and last forever. There are various different types of plant care methods which homeowners can follow to give their plants a healthy and nutritional life span.

Garden Plants


Most plants featured outdoors will attract dust, dirt and grime as do indoor plants. By simply watering them down or cleaning the larger leaves of the plants will help to remove all unnecessary dust and dirt particles which may affect the appearance and well being of your plants. Clean leaves on all plants are known to be favorable to healthy growth patterns.

Cleaning Products

Cleaning your plants is a simple method of plant care. It also helps with the controlling of insects which attack your plants. Pressured sprays can be attached to your garden hose to remove all unwanted dirt. By doing so you will be keeping the attractiveness and stunning looks in appearance of your plants.

Plant care cleaning packs are available from all leading landscape stores to provide homeowners with the essential tools to maintain their fabulous landscaping plants such as lucky bamboo plants and palm plants.


Daily watering tasks of all plant types is an important plant care method which is highly vital for the fast and healthy growing of your landscape plants. If you do not have lots of time to spend on your plants then you can consider purchasing an irrigation system which will guarantee your plants receive enough watering.

The soil in which the plants lie in should be watered extensively to help maintain its moisture and keep the plants healthy. Your garden plants should then be watered to remove dust, dirt and grime and give them a sparkling appearance. Certain plant species such as rubber tree plants, orchids and bamboo plants have special watering recommendations.

Watering Plants


Fertilizing Plants

All types of landscaping plants require certain essential elements for proper growth. Fertilizers contain nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium which are 3 vital elements of healthy plant growth.

Plants in low light areas of your gardens will require reduced fertilizing. Plants in high light and full sun areas will need constant fertilization because the suns UV rays can be damaging to the actual plant.

All fertilizers contain highly nutritional values which keep all plants healthy and growing efficiently. Fertilizers can be purchased in various sorts of types such as; manure, organic waste, pellets, soil combinations and many more. This type of plant care method should be carried out once a month. Fertilizer should be applied to the soil and roots of the plants.

Plant Care Protection Method

Protecting your landscape plants from bug and insect infestation is an important task of caring for your plants. Bugs and insects will eat away at your plants and destroy them over time. Nowadays there are many outstanding products available to help remove bug infested plants. Most protective solutions are harmful to plants but they will remove and destroy all unwanted bugs and insects. If you feel your plants are infested then you must consider purchasing a protection solution to rid off these pests. Protecting plants like aloe vera are in your best interest because it can be used for medicinal purposes.

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