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Landscape Maintenance - Erosion Control

About Erosion Control

What Is Erosion Control?

Erosion control is an action taken by property owners to prevent the destruction of soil which is caused by the natural effects of wind, rain and excessive water. Soil erosion occurs on many residential and commercial properties due to the effects of excess water.



Control Erosion in Your Landscape


The cause of erosion is often due to natural occurrences like the effects of high rainfall. You can implement erosion control techniques to ensure that your landscapes can deal with the effects of various elements. There are many different types of erosion control methods which are harmless to your surrounding landscapes, lawns and gardens. If home and farm owners decide not to control their erosion problems this will affect their crops significantly. By treating your erosion problems and controlling them you will be securing a healthy and vibrant looking landscape setting for your property.

Erosion Control Methods

There are various types of erosion control methods. There are methods suitable for farming crops and others for residential landscapes. Firstly you must determine how serious the erosion problem is. Do this by thoroughly inspecting the affected area and the surrounding erosion affected areas. Once you have determined how serious it may be this will give you an idea on what type of method you will need to put into action. Sealants and compressors can sometimes help protect your hardscape areas from the effects of erosion.

Erosion Control

Seek professional advice if you are unsure about the needs of your landscapes. A method will be put into place once you have chosen the right erosion control techniques/products suited to your landscapes such as grid systems or water diverter systems.

Erosion Control Products to Help Your Property

Erosion control can be put into action by implementing some well designed materials. There are various erosion control products on the market today. Below are a few products that are commonly used to stop and prevent erosion from occurring.

Fiber Mulch Mats

Fibre Mats

Fiber mulch mats are the most common type of erosion control product used. It is generally used on residential landscapes that are suffering from erosion. Fiber mulch mats are made of small fiber particles which interlock together with the mulch. They are designed in a mat form so they will blend in with all types of soil and landscape surfaces. Fiber mulch mats will keep moisture in your topsoil and prevent erosion from occurring by acting as a top coating and not letting water, wind or ice to penetrate through the surface.

Erosion Control Matting

Erosion control matting is generally made from materials such as; jute, wood, coir, straw, mulches, fibers and other organic materials. Synthetic mesh straw strands are used to then hold the matting together. The purpose of the matting is solely to reduce the effects of erosion and help with the formation of vegetation on farming properties.

There are various types of erosion control matting which homeowners can use and implement into their monthly landscaping maintenance duties to prevent erosion from occurring. Erosion control matting is available in loads of different designs and sizes but they all offer the same qualities and benefits which include:


Erosion Control Matting
  • They preserve soil moisture.
  • They offer a realistic natural look to your landscape.
  • Erosion control matting will increase water infiltration.
  • They will also moderate soil temperature.
  • Matting will absorb and break down the harsh impact of rainfall.

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