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Plants and Trees - Plants

About Lawn & Garden Plants

Introduction to Plants

Plants are beautiful living things that can bring a new life to your landscape or to the house. With beautiful colors and scents, plants will transform your landscape into a lush garden paradise. There are thousands of plants varieties to choose from such as flowering plants, indoor plants and artificial plants. It all depends on what you wish to achieve for your landscape and what is within your budget.

Plants are very important for a landscape as they enhance their surrounding environment with beauty and serenity. Plants are also essential for the survival of other living creatures, like aquarium plants for your fish tanks. They provide food, shelter and air for the insects that are essential for our ecosystem. Thus it is important to incorporate lots of plants into your landscape.

Plants Every area of your landscape is ideal for some kind of plant. There is no limit, the more plants there are, the more beauty and freshness in your landscape. The issue can be if you are not experienced, it may be hard to find suitable plants. It may be a good idea to hire a professional that can design a layout for your landscape to include the most suitable plants for your outdoor areas. Or talk to the people at your local nursery.

Benefits of Plants

  • Add color and life to your outdoor living area
  • Plants provide shaded areas within your landscape
  • Helps modify temperatures
  • Plants also assist in reducing wind speed
  • Prevents soil erosion
  • Provides privacy for your backyard
  • Overall aesthetic appeal

Factors to Consider When Choosing Plants

Garden Plants Important factors must be considered when choosing plants for your landscape. One of the most important factors is the climate conditions in the area. This will give you an indication of which plants would thrive with the weather conditions. Some plants are specific in their requirements for survival such as tropical plants and bamboo . Consideration must also be given to the space available within your landscape. Some plants require a specified amount of space to grow and can only grow to certain sizes.

Another factor to consider is colors. When plants are in their blooming season, colors should compliment your landscape surroundings, especially if there is a certain theme of your garden. Finally you must consider the attraction of insects the plants may have. For example, lavender is prone to attract bees, so if a member of your family is allergic then this would not suit your landscape.

Caring for Plants

There have been many myths about gardening, and especially about pruning. It is essential to care for your plants and orchids to ensure that stay healthy and beautiful. Sometimes medicinal plants can help care for our health. Here are a few tips on a useful technique for pruning your plants:

  • The best time of year to prune is winter or autumn
  • Begin pruning by cutting out all the dead wood
  • Open up the center of the plant and remove any tangled or crossed over branches, this will allow air to circulate through the plant, reducing the risk of bugs and disease
  • Only use quality sharp clippers, make a clean cut outward facing buds
  • Make sure you rake up and throw away any dead leaves to prevent the spread of disease.
Maintaining Plants

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