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Plants and Trees - Shrubs

About Residential Shrubs

An Introduction to Shrubs

Shrubs are used for decoration and beautifying your landscaping. Shrubs within your landscape are perfect for filling bare spaces, adding color and scent to your garden. Evergreen shrubs can bring a whole new life to your garden. There are many varieties of shrubs to choose from coming in different sizes and colors.


Shrubs also house other living creatures and wildlife and are therefore very important for a landscape. The presence of wildlife will bring a more authentic atmosphere. The plants and shrubs will provide air, shelter and food. Rose shrubs also enhance the surrounding environment with serenity and beauty.

Shrubs Shrubs come in a variety of different sizes and colors. Some shrubs are just green in color and can be used for hedges or barriers to distinguish different sections of your landscape. Other shrubs blossom beautiful flowers in all different colors and patterns and can be used to brighten up your landscape garden. Depending on what your individual taste is, there are shrubs to accommodate all purposes.

Benefits of Shrubs

  • Add color and life to your landscape
  • Helps modify temperatures
  • Shrubs also assist in reducing wind speed
  • Prevents soil erosion
  • Plants provide shaded areas within your outdoor living area
  • Can be used as barriers or fencing in your backyard
Flowering Shrub

Low Maintenance Landscape


Tree shrubs are perfect to create a low maintenance landscape. Shrubs and trees require fair less maintenance than trees. They can be used to fill small areas just as trees are used to fill larger areas within your landscape. Small shrubs are fast growing and can fill an area fairly quickly and with little preparation or care.

As shrubs are less maintenance, it is wiser to plant shrubs rather than just have an open lawn as this will reduce the effort of mowing large areas regularly. Not only that but they look fantastic.

Planting Shrubs

When shrubs are purchased from a garden center, they are sold in containers with their full root system in tact. It is simply a matter of transporting them to the soil, they are very easy to get established. Shrubs can be planted in the late autumn to spring season and will be likely to require excess watering, except during a drought season. This will save a lot of gardening time and they will be fairly self-sufficient during this time. If you want more color in your garden you can purchase flowering shrubs.

Caring for Shrubs

It is essential to care for landscape shrubs to ensure that stay healthy and beautiful. Here are a few tips on a useful technique for pruning your shrubs:

  • Shrubs can be pruned into straight hedges or even into different shapes
  • Begin pruning shrubs by cutting out all the dead leaves
  • Open up the center of the shrubs and remove any tangled or crossed over branches, this will allow air to circulate through the plant, reducing the risk of bugs and disease
  • Only use quality sharp clippers when cutting shrubs, make a clean cut outward facing buds
  • Make sure you rake up and throw away any dead leaves to prevent the spread of disease.
Garden Shrub

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