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About Garden Trees

Introduction to Trees

Trees are very important components of a natural residential landscape. Trees are a valuable addition to any landscape providing shade and best of all, color and beauty to your surroundings. Or for indoors you could go for an artificial tree. There are thousands of species of trees to choose from such as willow trees and pine trees. So it is important to select a tree that will accommodate your needs and will compliment your landscape.

If there is a bare area within your landscape, this would be the perfect position for a large tree. It may be wise to consult a professional if you are not experienced, because selecting the right tree is essential. Go to a tree nursery and get the right advice on the best tree for your environment. An important factor is consider with trees is the rate of mulching, how often and how much. If you do not have the time to be rake up leaves regularly, you must select a tree that will accommodate your gardening schedule.

Positioning Trees

Trees are beautiful additions to any landscape. However, if you select a tree that will grow quite large, like an oak tree, the appropriate positioning is essential for the life of the tree. Poorly positioned trees can become a problem in the future if the size and growth is not carefully considered. Not only is it a hassle to remove a large tree but can be quite expensive.

Tree Other positioning factors to also consider when select trees for your landscape are the ultimate size and the shape at full maturity and if this will interfere with any surroundings. Also the location of the tree in your landscape and where shade will be provided and at what times throughout the day is also important. Finally, you must consider the intended purpose of the tree and will it provide this purpose in the location that is chosen. These factors are specially important for fruit trees, apple trees and palm trees.

Fertilizing Trees

To determine if your trees in your landscape require fertilizing, there are a few things you need to watch out for. These are:

  • Any visual signs of reduced leaf size or retention
  • Poor leaf color such as pale green or yellow
  • A reduction of twigs and branch growth or retention
  • Premature seasonal coloration in the leaves
  • Overall reduction in growth

If trees show any or all of the signs, it is a good idea to purchase some fertilizer and consult a professional about the problem before select a product.

Benefits of Trees

  • Trees are beneficial to providing shaded areas within your landscape.
  • Trees make your outdoor living space more pleasant, bringing serenity, peace and tranquility to your landscape.
  • Many respond to the presence of trees simply by observing and admiring their beauty.
  • Trees also provide wind protection
  • Trees also provide a habitat for other living creatures and wildlife
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Pruning Trees

Tree Prunning Pruning in the early stages is important for the life of trees. If you select a tree and properly plant it and maintain it, the tree should need very little pruning once they reach maturity. The only pruning trees would need after they are fully mature is the removal of poorly positioned, dead or damaged branches. Bonsai trees thrive on careful pruning methods.

It is wise to inspect trees within your landscape annually to assess the structure and determine whether any branches need removal. Some trees with extra dense foliage may need to be thinned out to improve air movement. You may seek the advice of a Tree surgeon and requests to have a tree service.

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