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Pool Landscaping - Pool Tiles & Coping

About Pool Tile & Coping

Residential Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are a great addition to your backyard especially during the warmer months of the year. They are relaxing and calming on a hot summers day. They are also luscious during the winter time for their appearance and good looks. If you’re building a new home or renovating your landscape then consider building a swimming pool. Pool landscape is also a great addition to your back yard.
Swimming Pool Coping

Swimming pools are easily built and constructed. There are several components which make up a pool. There is the pool shell, pool coping and pool tile. The surrounding pool landscape should feature pavers, gardens and intriguing furniture. Pool tile and coping are the 2 most important features of a swimming pool. They are available in a wide range of materials for you to select from and coincide with your residential home and landscape.

What Is Pool Tile & Coping?

Pool Tile Coping

Pool tile and coping are known as the outer perimeter which lines the pools wall. They make entering and exiting the pool simple and easy without any harm. They create a smooth surface finish so no dangerous accidents can occur due to there being a sharp edge around the pool.

Pool coping is used to protect the pools shell and prevent the pools structure from being damaged. Pool tiles are used outside the pool to also protect the wall and structure of the pool from water damage.

About Pool Coping

Generally pool coping is the most important structural support mechanism for your pools shell and wall. Pool coping is seen around the perimeter of the pool. It is available in many materials which include:

  • Flagstone
  • Concrete
  • Precast Concrete
  • Natural Stone
  • Slate
  • Clay
  • Brick
Tile Coping

The materials mentioned above when used for pool coping are all extensively treated to become water resistant. They are also slip resistant which is required by law in all swimming pool applications. They each come in many different shades of color for you to incorporate the same design theme throughout your pool landscape. The most popular coping materials are tiles, stone and concrete.

Pool coping can still be applied to above ground pools for protection purposes. The common materials used in this type of application are aluminum and plastic.

About Pool Tiles

Tile Coping

Pool tiles are used to line the swimming pools flooring and to surround it for protective reasons also. But they are most used inside the pool for decorative purposes. When pool tiles are laid in swimming pools they create a look of ambience and style. Pool tiles come in a range of materials which are all slip resistant and water proofed. They include; porcelain, slate, ceramic, stone and pebble tiles. They each are available in many different sizes, colors and shapes which are highly beneficial if you have a decorative eye.

Pool tile pattern themes can be arranged in all sorts of styles. Homeowners can construct a sentimental picture theme with their pool tiles or they can just stick with their pool landscape theme.

Pool Tile & Coping Resistance

Pool tiles and coping are manufactured to be resistant to water, slippage, UV rays and the harmful chlorine and salt water which comes from the pool. They are safe to walk along, place furniture and sun bake on. Stone pool tiles and coping will never need to be replaced unless there is severe damage to the actual pool shell.
Pool Tiles

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