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Pool Landscaping - Pool Furniture

About Pool Furniture

Pool Landscape

Pool landscape describes the area which surrounds your swimming pool. It features many wonderful decorative elements such as trees, flowers, lighting, water features, and fountains. No pool landscape is complete without swimming pool furniture. Pool furniture is an essential part of pool landscape and your swimming pool. It provides a place to relax by the pool, sun bake in the privacy of your own yard, enjoy quite meals and barbeques by the pool and to simply just relax and enjoy the beauties of your own swimming pool.
Swimming Pool

Pool Furniture Types

There are various different sorts of pool furniture which is available for homeowners to choose from. Each piece of pool furniture offers different practical purposes whilst others are simply for decorative purposes. Here is a list of the home commonly used pool furniture items seen throughout residential pool landscape:

  • Tables and Chairs
  • Benches
  • Sun Baking Lounges
  • Umbrellas
  • Bar Tables and Stools
  • Sun Cots
Pool Furniture

Each type of pool deck furniture will look great along your pool side. They will also give homeowners a relaxing place to watch children and there guests in the pool and provide a safe and comfortable place to be mesmerized by the sun and splashing water from your pool.

Blending several different types of outdoor pool furnishings in your pool landscape will create a balanced and surreal setting. Tables and chairs by the pool, a sun lounge in a special corner by the flowers or a bar along side the pool are all perfect options for creating an individualized design with your pool furniture.

Pool Furniture Materials

Pool Patio furniture can be made from many materials, although the material needs to be strong, durable and practical for pool areas. The most commonly used materials in which pool furniture is made from are iron, aluminum and timber. The reason being is that each material is made from the highest quality types to become resistant to splashing chlorine and salt water. They are also manufactured to resist the suns harmful UV rays which can be quite damaging to the furniture materials.
Pool Chairs

Pool Chairs

Chairs, sun cots, sun baking lounges, slides and bar stools made from the mentioned materials will also come with standard material cushions which make the seating comfortable. The materials which are used to make the cushions are generally; vinyl, teak, specialized resin plastics and cloth material. Each cushion is water proofed by a protective coating but they are not resistant to fading which is caused by the sun.

So it might be a good idea if your not lounging by the pool you should keep the cushions indoors to prevent fading of the colors from happening.

Pool Furniture Colors

Pool furniture is available in many fashionable colors for homeowners to incorporate the same coloring themes seen throughout their landscaping. It is recommended though in pool areas that light pastel colors should be used. This is because darker colors attract more sunlight then lighter colors. Beige, caramel, white, greens and blues are all common colored pool furniture which is seen throughout pool landscapes and commercial pool areas. If you have patio furniture then you can try to match your pool furniture with it or use the same designs.
Pool Furniture

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