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Outdoor Recreation - Amenities

About Amenities

Introduction to Amenities

Amenities within your landscape will add those special finishing touches to make your garden special. The amenities in a landscape will come down to the individual taste and personal requirements for their outdoor recreation. Some amenities are designed simply for the aesthetic appeal, and some provide a useful purpose such as awnings and canopies, insect control systems, golf greens, hydrants and climbing systems.

Amenities are perfect for transforming your landscape from a garden to a functional outdoor living room. Here is a brief overview of the different types of landscape amenities that will add beauty to your home and make your outdoor living area more functional.

Arbors, Arches & Balustrades

Arbors and arches can make a stunning centerpiece to your landscape. Arbors and arches are ideal for entrances to the garden or perfect to be used as a guide for your guests to take them to the seating area. Arbors are also handy for climbing plants such as vines, these will grow through and around arbors to make them absolutely stunning. Balustrades provide different railings for balconies and stairs.
Arbors and Arches



The application of columns can provide a stylish elegance to your landscape that enhances the existing natural elements. The aesthetic appeal can also raise the value of your property.

Columns can be made from almost any building material such as brick, concrete stone and timber, and can match the building design of your home.


Bollards provide lighting for your landscape. Coming in all different shapes, sizes and colors to accommodate any design, bollards are used as an extra security measure for a residential home. They are attractive to look at so they can be used in unison or in a pattern to blend in to the landscape.


Play Equipment

Swings Play Equipment will provide hours of enjoyment for children in your very own backyard. There are many different play equipment sets to choose from that accommodate all ages. If you have the space within your landscape, this is the perfect idea for your children’s outdoor recreation time. This can even give the parents a break as well, while the kids are happily playing.

Safety Surfacing

Safety surfacing creates a comfortable, beautiful and most importantly a safe environment for your landscape or kids play sturctures. Most commonly used for children’s playground areas, there a wide range of colors to suit any decor. This surface can also be used around the swimming pool to prevent people slipping over.


Greenhouses can be implemented into your landscape and are often used for growing specific flowers, plants or fruits and vegetables. Greenhouses shield plants from blizzards and dust storms, keep out any wanted pests and most importantly protect plants from too much heat or coldness. If you are serious about growing specific plants with special requirements, a greenhouse in your landscape will allow you to grow healthy plants all year round and make for a great hobby.

Sound Barriers & Systems

A sound system installed within your landscape will allow you to play music without having to lug your sound equipment outside with the worry that it may get damaged. These systems should be positioned so they will be free from water damage or extreme heat conditions. Outdoor sound systems are the ultimate in outdoor entertaining. You may also decide to install sound barriers to keep the noise in and to block noise out of your property!

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