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Water Features - Waterfalls

About Waterfall Water Features

Introduction to Waterfalls


The mesmerizing sounds of a cascading waterfall in the privacy of your own landscaped area is the greatest water feature homeowners can implement into their own properties.

With the reflecting blue sky and sun shimmering down onto the flowing water is a sense of tropical paradise which will create a relaxing and soothing place in your own backyard.

Waterfalls are known to be therapeutic and they will intensely relax you after a hard day’s work or a stressful afternoon with the kids. Nowadays water features are not only being installed in outdoor areas but homeowner's are also installing beautiful water features inside the home. There are many different designs in which waterfalls are available in. Homeowners can even build their own waterfalls.

Ten Top Tips for Building Your Own Waterfall

  1. Firstly homeowners should build a waterfall which will fit into the surrounding landscape area. For example; if you’re landscaping feature lots of stone products then build a waterfall out of stone. This type of water feature will act as a focal point throughout your landscape and the stone will blend in immensely.
  2. Use larger stone rocks to surround the perimeter of your waterfall to create a natural and fresh appearance.
  3. Implement in the design theme twists and turns so that the water flows unevenly to create a fascinating outlook
  4. Position the waterfall so that you are able to view it from your patio or indoor areas. By doing so you will be able to experience the grand elements of your waterfall from all areas of your landscaping and indoors.
  5. In the waterfalls pond turn it into a fish pond or water garden. This itself is beautiful so imagine what the outcome will be of this type of water feature, stunning, decorative and classy
  6. Try to imitate natural waterfalls and streams.
  7. Soften the outer edges of your waterfall by using small flowers and plants to create beauty and delightfulness.
  8. Use a biological filter to keep the waterfalls water supply flowing, fresh and clear.
  9. Larger Pumps and filters can help create gushing and fast flowing water which will have the natural affects of Mother Nature’s waterfalls.
  10. Enjoy maintaining your freshly built waterfall because it requires very little maintenance.





Important Waterfall Layout Consideration

The layout of your waterfall is very important not only for the waterfall but the surrounding landscape. Always consider the size of the area where you want to install a water feature, even small gardens can have wonderful water features installed. Waterfalls splashes water out to the distance in which it drops. Homeowners should allow for this because if the bottom layout is built wrongly then they may have water flooding the landscaping gardens. The base pond or water garden at the bottom of the waterfalls layout should at least be three times the size of top area to allow for it to catch the water flowing down from the waterfall and keep the water in the system and circulate back to the top of the waterfall via the pumping system.

The Natural Beauty of a Cascading Waterfall

Cascading Waterfalls Waterfalls are great water features which are seen throughout landscapes and pool areas. The timeless elegance of a waterfall is soothing to the soul. The trickling sounds of water are highly beneficial for every day life because it helps create a relaxed and calming mode to all who surround it. If you’re having friends over or just family then make sure they experience the magical affects of your waterfall, they will want their own.

Waterfall Lighting

Add more beauty to your waterfall by night time by using waterfall lighting. They can be as simple as landscape lights surround the waterfall or colored LED lights which captures the trickling water running down the waterfall. There are also under water waterfall lights which can highlight the little fishes swimming around the base of the waterfall. Floating lights are also a great option for parties and special occasions. Lighting featured throughout waterfalls will only add more beauty and create a surreal experience.

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