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Water Features - Ponds and Streams

About Ponds and Streams

Introduction to Water Features

Ponds and streams are excellent water features which can be implanted into residential landscaping dynamically. They are both gorgeous water features which can help enhance the overall look of your residential landscape. They are also known to increase the property vale of your home immensely. Ponds and streams can help create a surreal landscape setting. They are both relaxing and soothing to sit by and enjoy a picnic. Garden ponds and streams are luxurious and they have calming qualities which will help homeowners after a bad day.

Ponds and streams can feature many different types of aquatic animals and plants, as well as statuary. They will add to the overall beauties of these fascinating water features. Ponds and streams can be built to suit your residential yard or homeowners are able to purchase them in pre-made kit forms, which include all the necessary supplies and liners. It all depends on the sort of design and size you would like to feature in your landscaping.
Landscape Pond


Water Pond When we think of ponds we imagine many little fish swimming around, plants and flowers glowing brightly and natural rocks and stone surrounding it. Homeowners can make these images come true to designing their own creative pond. Building your own pond gives you the opportunity to be creative and individual.

Choose from the many fabulous designs available or think up your own. They are easily built and require little maintenance. For help or advice consult a trained professional who specializes in the installation of water features.

Pond Pumps

Pond pumps and filters are highly important for the well being of small fish included in the pond and the water quality of the pond. There are various different types of ponds which all offer different features. Small pond pumps are suitable for small ponds which house very few fish and plants. They are designed to keep the water flowing and remove all unwanted bacterial types and clean the supply daily. For an environmentally friendly alternative you can use solar pond pumps.
Pond Pump

Fishes and Plants

Goldfish This special type of water feature is gracious and elegant. Goldfish are generally the most commonly found fishes in residential ponds. They like warm and cold temperatures and they also like to be in enclosed areas for safety reasons. Large fish are not suited to small residential ponds and their maintenance is forever ongoing.

Plants seen in fish ponds are generally aquatic types which thrive of fungi, algae and good bacteria. They will enhance the look of your water feature and also blend in with the surrounding landscaping.


Streams are enhancing water features which can be incorporated with fountains, waterfalls and other water features or made on their own. Streams are generally flow water from one area to another back and forth via a pumping system. They are very similar to a small creek or river but in the privacy of your own backyard.

Streams can be man made or on larger properties they can form naturally due to erosion and heavy rainfall. Man made streams are simply done and so easy to build that they are one of the most commonly seen water features throughout residential homes today.


Streams are run by a pump which keeps the water flowing constantly. The pumping system is easy to run and hooked up to your electricity supply. They can be built small or large. They can also be made to fit in with ponds. For example; you can have your pond joint with a stream and keep the water flowing for one to the other. Streams can also be built sloped, straight, curved or upwards.

Waterfalls can be built together with a pond for an even more relaxing and enchanting appearance. The beauty of a stream will create a relaxing and surreal place for you and your family to enjoy the peaceful sounds and sights of your very own stream.

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