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Water Features - Fountains

About Fountains as Water Features

Residential Water Features

Water features are an essential part of residential landscaping because they create a calming, relaxing and soothing feeling throughout the landscape. Homeowners who have water features in their gardens will know this because it’s a place to relate to when your feeling low and down and need cheering up.

Water features offer many therapeutic benefits as well as environmental benefits to the surround areas. Fountains are a great water feature. They flow and splash water into an underneath pond effectively. They are elegant, stunning and amazing to look at.


Fountain Materials

Fountains are made out of many different types of material. Homeowners can choose from the selective range to combine the fountains material in with the landscaping theme and materials. Fountains can be made of the following materials:

  • Stone
  • Natural Rocks
  • Concrete
  • PVC
  • Steel
  • Cast Iron/Wrought Iron
  • Marble

Each material is hand crafted into a different fountain design. All materials are water proofed and design to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Water Fountain

Fountains Designs

Fountains are water features which can be design in every way possible. The general water fountain design is a large focal point which shoots out water which lands into a catchment base such as a pond, water garden or stream. Outdoor fountains can be made to look like animal to blend in with landscaping. They can even be made to look like trees shooting water out from the branches. They style of fountain you choose will depend on your landscaping setting. You feel you may want an ancient statue as part of your fountain or an angelic styled design. The choice is yours. Homeowners can customize their own fountain design which will best suit your needs.

Water Fountain

Fountains are also made in many sizes and shape. There are small wall mounted fountains, table top fountains or unique large dome type fountains which are built into the ground of your landscape area.

Fountain are easily built and installed and they require little to low maintenance. Look out for Water Fountain Kits for smaller features. For larger fountains get the help of a professional!

Fountain Pumps and Filters

Water fountains require a pumping system which is able to push water in an upwards motion to release it from the top of the fountain in a shooting motion. The pumping system is the most important part of a water fountain. Choosing the right pump will ensure the long lasting qualities of your landscaping water feature. There are large pumping systems available for large fountains and small pumping systems which are suitable for smaller fountains. Pumping systems are easily connected to the household plumbing systems and they require little maintenance and safety checks. Or for an environmentally friendly alternative choose a solar fountain.

Fountains Lighting

Turn your fountain into a spectacular lighting showing by installing fountain lights. They are a great way to enjoy the beauty of your fountain at night time. Fountain lights can highlight special features of the fountain such as; flowing, splashing and shooting water, surrounding landscape trees and flowers, statues or shapes of the fountain and they can also highlight the magical affects of the material which your fountain is made of.
Fountain Lighting

Fountain Lighitng If you’re having an outdoor party hen why not try highlight your fountains with colored party lights. The different colored bulbs will turn your fountain into a spectacular light show for all your party guests to enjoy.

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