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Water Features

Welcome to Our Water Features Section!

Introduction to Water Features

If you are thinking of transforming your Landscape, then nothing will have as much impact as a water feature. There are so many different types of water features available for both residential and commercial landscapes. You can install a waterfall, pond, stream or fountain, just to name a few!

Water Features add dramatic flair to any landscape. The use of water whether it is flowing, trickling or just in the form of a still pond, creates a beautiful focal point with a relaxing and soothing element. Water that is in motion is not only visually appealing and will add value to your property, but it also has a way of making its own music. This means that you will enjoy many evenings in your landscape, watching the sun go down.


By utilizing your landscaped areas and making them appealing to you and your family, you are extending the use of your property. In a sense you are extending the indoors, into the outdoors. With a stunning and relaxing landscape, you will find that entertaining outdoors becomes a lot more frequent.

Water features can be added to an existing landscape or a new blank slate. For ease of installation and cost-effectiveness homeowners have the option of purchasing many types of water features in kit form. So if you’re a bit of a do-it-yourselfer, a kit may be the challenge you have been looking for!

Pool Water Feature

If you don’t feel that confident then you can hire a trained professional contractor who specializes in the installation of landscape water features. You can have a water feature that stands alone as a centerpiece, or incorporate one within your gardens.

Another popular option is combining a water feature with the installation of your swimming pool. Whatever your choice is, you will be enhancing the overall aesthetics of your home or property!


Waterfalls are a very common form of water feature that can be added to one’s landscape. They are widely used for non residential and commercial applications for they really do make a stunning statement and will enhance any site they are installed.

Waterfalls can also be purchased in kit form, or for a more dramatic or larger scale waterfall, seek the assistance of a professional for the installation and perhaps a landscape designer for your own waterfall design.


One of the most recommended materials for waterfalls is natural rocks and stones. The reason for this is that they are so visually pleasing and allow you to imitate a natural waterfall, and also that they are durable materials for they are natural. This means that you will be able to enjoy your waterfall for many years to come, with very minimal maintenance required!

Ponds and Streams

Water Feature Ponds and Streams are also quite popular for residential water features. They both have the ability to transform your landscape completely by enhancing the overall look of the grounds of your home. Such a stunning addition is sure to increase the value of your home, making you’re the envy of all the neighbors. Ponds and streams can help create a surreal, relaxing and soothing landscape setting perfect for entertaining friends and family.

Ponds and streams installed into home landscapes have so many benefits, such as; aesthetics, increasing value and also therapeutic qualities, so after a hard days work you can look forward to sitting by your newly installed pond or stream.


If you are looking for a water feature that is something a little more dramatic then why not consider installing a Fountain into your landscape. Fountains are decorative and often time’s very artistic pieces are used, such as; statues and sculptures, which capture the splendid and intriguing elements of flowing water so well.


These water features are so widely available or can be custom made to suit your needs. Fountains make ideal focal points and centerpieces for the entrances to the grounds of your home. They can be positioned in any outdoor area where you may feel the need to impose the magical sights and sounds of trickling water.

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